Hi, I’m Lana and I live in Tokyo.

I was born almost 30 years ago and raised on a tiny tropical island with a bunch of cats and dogs.

I am a recent PhD graduate specializing in Artificial Intelligence (Perception, Predictive Coding) and Artificial Life (Open Endedness, Evolutionary dynamics). My MS and PhD research focused on developing new algorithms for perception. I also have an engineering degree. I have a million of research interests and therefore a million projects, but I officially work on trying to understand things (mainly Intelligence and Life) by building them.

I’ve worked for different companies in very different settings (hourly pay, full remote..) while or before being a graduate student. If you’d like my CV you can contact me at lana dot sinapayen at gmail.com.

I am fluent in French, English and Japanese, and I have bases in half a dozen other languages or dialects including Chinese (4 years of formal study), Spanish (5 years), Italian…

Due to my scattered interests and employment history, I can program in just about any language including Java, C++, R, C, Objective C, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Swift, Lua, Ruby etc (but if you’re a programmer you already know that learning new languages fast is the base of our craft). Sometimes I take 40 years old papers and implement their crazy complicated algorithms.

My most recent public side-projects include building cute amphibious robots to track river fish, mobile apps to get rid of rote memorization, a living architecture for a house maximizing host comfort and a bartering website based on optimization of individual and total happiness. I also experiment on bonsai trees and sometimes fill petri dishes with tardigrades or mold colonies.


The old blog and posts in French can be found here : http://1mois3semaines.canalblog.com/

Selected Papers:

Neural Networks


  • 小型クアドロコプタの群を用いたコンセンサスに基づく音源定位, 人工知能学会 AIチャレンジ研究会,2015
    K. Nakamura, L. Sinapayen,K. Nakadai, H. Takahashi, T. Kinoshita
  • Consensus-based Sound Source Localization using a Swarm of Micro-Quadrocopters“, Proc. of the 33rd Annual Conference of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ2015)
    L. Sinapayen, K. Nakamura, K. Nakadai, H. Takahashi, T. Kinoshita
  • Sound Source Localization with an Autonomous Swarm of Quadrocopters,” Proc. of the workshop on Modular and Swarm Systems — from Nature to Robotics of IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS2014), Sep. 2014.
    Lana Sinapayen, Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hideyuki Takahashi, Tetsuo Kinoshita
  • “Multi-agent based Sound Source Localization with Multicopters,” Proc. of International Conference on Smart Technologies for Energy, Information and Communication 2014 (IC-STEIC2014), pp.95-102, Aug. 2014.
    Lana Sinapayen, Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hideyuki Takahashi, Tetsuo Kinoshita
  • Multicopter Localization using Sound Landmarks,” Proc. of the 76th National Convention of the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ 76), 3V-8, pp.3-185-3-186, Mar. 2014.
    Lana Sinapayen, Keisuke Nakamura, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Hideyuki Takahashi, Tetsuo Kinoshita

Other Work



  • If you’re really fascinated by micro-quadrocopters and sound processing in highly noisy environments, or if you just want to know about the details of my new marvelous Unscented Kalman Consensus Filter, you can download my master thesis here.
  • I took an introductory course on tardigrades (waterbears) in the form of 3 short lab practices and continued raising them for several months. The beginner reports I wrote may or may not have been distributed in paper form by my instructor at the 13th International Symposium on Tardigrada (June 2015, Italy). Click on the links to get the reports.
  • My report (more of a impressions notebook really) on the 1-week field trip to Oxford and London organized by IHS

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